Special Fields of Use

  • Sports facilities: The use of mastic asphalt in sports facilities opens up countless design possibilities, especially for ball games, this being due to the visco-elastic behaviour of mastic asphalt. This field of application is particularly popular in southern Europe. 
  • Cowshed screeds: Mastic asphalt is mostly used in cowsheds without thermal insulation. It provides a consistent, high resistance to slipping and it is easy to clean, hygienic and warm to stand on
  • Hydraulic engineering: Mastic asphalt can be used for the core sealing of dams and also for sealing slopes of dykes and along river banks. No health-hazardous substances or pollutants can leach out of mastic asphalt or bitumen, and it is for this reason that bituminous materials have been used to seal water reservoirs since way back.
  • Landfills and other facilities in compliance with the Water Resources Act: Mastic asphalt protects the soil and groundwater against substances hazardous to water. Because it is watertight and without voids, it does not absorb water and can neither swell nor shrink. In addition, it is inert to many chemical substances or can be made more resistant by appropriate adjustment (mastic asphalt formulation).
  • Heating screeds: Mastic asphalt heating screeds are characterised by an exceptionally small nominal thickness. This makes them suitable for many uses, including refurbishment. Compared with hydraulically bonded heating screeds mastic asphalt heating screeds do not have to be left to dry and do not require a heating-up phase. Mastic asphalt heating screeds can be used straight away.
  • Acid-resistant mastic asphalt: The omission of mineral aggregates containing limestone means that the acid resistance of mastic asphalt can be increased significantly. Acid-resistant mastic asphalt is used predominantly in farm buildings (e.g. silage silos) and for industrial screeds (e.g. in electroplating plants and battery manufacturing).
  • Art and design: There are endless design options for mastic asphalt. Besides architectural art in buildings (e.g. decorative panels) mastic asphalt can also be used to create works of art such as sculptures.