Working Group «Occupational Safety and Health Protection»

The IMAA has dedicated its own working group to the topics of occupational safety and health protection. The working group meets both in its own composition and in a joined composition with the EUROBITUME «Health & Safety» working group.

The IMAA working group on occupational safety and health protection is composed as follows:

  • Aeschlimann Heinz, PAVIDENSA, Switzerland
  • Depierraz Jürg, IMAA, Switzerland
  • Kinnmark Mikael, GAFS, Sweden
  • Steidl Heiko, bga, Germany

With the document The Mastic Asphalt Industry – an European Perspective, the IMAA provides an excellent overview of the European mastic asphalt industry. Here, the state of the art concerning technique is described in detail, especially regarding the mastic asphalt production and application.

Furthermore, the IMAA working group established a material safety data sheet (MSDS) about the construction material mastic asphalt  (gussasphalt).