Physical Properties

Apparent density δR2350 kg/m3
Linear coefficient of expansion α (m/m x K)30-35 x 10-6 (at 20 - 50 degrees)
Modulus of elasticity Edependent of the temperature
Vapour conductivity λD1.6 x 10-5 mg / m * h * Pa
Vapour diffusion resistance factor µ5 x 104 at d=30 mm
Thermal conductivity λ0.7 W / m K
Specific heat C1.01 x 103 J / kg K
Thermal transition coefficient Λ27.8 W / m2 K
Electric conductivityr = 1010 bis 1012 Ω x cm
Absorption coefficient for sunrays0.93 W / m2
Internal damping η0.18
Impact sound reduction14dB (35mm mastic asphalt on a separating layer)
Fire behaviour according DIN EN 13501bfl-S1
Thermoplastic behaviourPenetration depth according DIN EN 12697-20