Working group «New test method penetration depth»

In 2018, the IMAA set up a working group to research a new test method penetration depth in order to develop a faster and more significant test method for assessing the quality of mastic asphalt.

The working group is composed as follows:

  • Aeschlimann Heinz, Aeschlimann Asphalt Engineering AG, Switzerland (chairman)
  • Angst Christian, IMP Bautest AG, Switzerland (guest)
  • Depierraz Jürg, IMAA, Switzerland
  • Kinnmark Mikael, DAB Group AB, Sweden
  • Steidl Heiko, bga, Germany

On the occasion of the IMAA Congress 2019 in Cologne (DE) first interim results were presented. The corresponding slide presentation can be downloaded here. The-follow-up study results have been presented in 2021; also this paper can be downloaded here. Actuallly, the working group is in a close exchange with the TG2 WG1 CEN/TC227.