About us

The International Mastic Asphalt Association IMAA is an association that aims to unite national associations, specialist organisations, companies and suppliers in the mastic asphalt industry worldwide.

The purposes of the IMAA are:

  • to promote a comprehensive exchange of experience in the field of mastic asphalt
  • to harmonise standards, technical guidelines and recommendations in the field of mastic asphalt and promote their wide application
  • to promote and support research in the field of mastic asphalt (raw materials, production, preparation, processing, mechanical engineering)
  • to advise planners, building authorities and building owners on the possible applications of mastic asphalt and to inform them and the general public about the advantages of mastic asphalt as a building material

– to spread industry information to interested parties.

The IMAA is currently chaired by Hendrik Marossow (Germany); the IMAA office is located in Bern (Switzerland) and is unter the direction of Jürg Depierraz.